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Extreme Complete (X300) Hose

Hose to suit Nilfisk X300 vacuum cleaner.

Extreme Home & Care (X100/X200) Hose

Hose to suit Nilfisk X100 and X200 ranges.

GM80/90/200/300/400 & King Hose (black)

GM200/300/400/King 500 Hose & Curved Tube (Black)

GM80/90/200/300/400 & King Hose (grey)

 Hose, including plastic curved tube which will fit GM80/90, GM 200/300/400 series

Nilfisk Action / Coupe Hose

Hose for action/coupe.

Nilfisk Family / Business / GD Hose

Hose to suit Nilfisk Family and Business ranges.

Nilfisk Power Hose

Hose to fit Nilfisk Power range.